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To modernise the facilities and improve its expertise, JBM Group is driven by higher-performance, reduced-wastage and quality products, which are produced with the help of finest technology and are aligned with the manufacturing capability to match the customer needs.

We believe in creating high-quality automotive products and sub-systems by focusing on its high-values, higher-performances and highest quality products.

The Group's leading-edge products include:

Air Tank

BIW Parts and Assemblies

Chassis & Suspension Parts

Cross Car Beam / Cross Truck Beam

Cross Members


Exhaust Systems


Fuel Filler

Fuel Tanks

Heat Shields

LPG & CNG Cylinders

Shaped Blanks

Skin Panels

Steel Fasteners

Tailor Welded Blanks

Tools, Jigs & Fixtures

Tubes & Tubular Manipulations

Wheel Assembly

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